We deliver deep structural insights for ensuring infrastructure resilience

and target-based maintenance

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The Solution

Rapida gives inspectors and civil engineers an All-in-one Asset-Space® that collates, enriches, and analyses all data related to the actual condition of an asset - for robust and cost-effective target-based maintenance

An All-in-one Asset-Space for a Next-Gen approach
Visual Inspection Data
Multi-sensor input
Structural Data
Historical Data
Regulations & Industry Standards
Rapida AI Engine
Comprehensive Digital Inspection
Reliable & objective structural data
Accessible & visible asset data
Asset data sharing & collaboration
Regulations & standards compliance alerts
The Product Enhanced automation and smart, connected workflows spaninng an asset’s entire lifecycle
01 —— Intelligent integration of visual-inspection data, asset data, multi-sensor inputs, and regulations
02 —— AI Automation tool for the structural assessment process
03 —— 2D/3D/4D Damage maps and analytics ​for dynamic visualization
04 —— Contextualized reporting for data-driven maintenance planning
Verticals & Application
Water Pools, Reservoirs, Dams Contact Us
Transportation Bridges, Tunnels Contact Us
Maritime Beams, Terminals, Breakwaters Contact Us
Energy Chimneys, cooling towers Contact Us
About Rapida is an AI-infused cloud-based platform equiped with proprietary machine-learning and computer-vision algorithms that uses cutting-edge technology to measure, predict, and ensure the structural health of aging or newly-built infrastructure and utility assets.
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